How to Create A Stress Free Morning Routine When You Have Teens with ADHD

Do you arrive to work in the morning EXHAUSTED? Mornings can seem like the most rushed, stress-filled part of the day—especially when you have teenagers to get out the door to school. Making sure teens get up on time, are ready for school, have lunch, ate breakfast, have homework and school supplies packed, then trying to get YOURSELF ready for work at the same time is CRAZY. 

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5 Things You Need to Know for a Successful Transition from Middle School to High School

The transition from middle to high school can be a stressful time for teenagers with many uncertainties. The first few weeks of high school can be filled with anxiety of a new school, stress of finding classrooms, locker, or who to sit with in the cafeteria at lunch. For students that have ADHD, high school can be an even more difficult adjustment as they have to navigate the challenges of ADHD symptoms and the increased intensity of high school classes and assignments. Not easy!

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5 Spring Cleaning Hacks for Adults with ADHD

I like the change of seasons and after a long, cold and snowy winter I look forward to Spring! The days start to get longer, it starts warming up and the flowers start peeking through. Great time of year to clean, organize clear out the clutter and start fresh! 

In this month’s blog I’m going to share with you my 5 Spring Cleaning Hacks that’s simple, manageable and works for my ADHD tribe. It’s a great way to help with spring cleaning around your home!

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How To Manage Executive Function When You Have ADHD

Do you notice your child having difficulty completing homework assignments, planning projects, follow thru, remembering to bring materials to school and being completely unable to manage their time? Most parents will assume these issues are due to kids being teens, being lazy or not motivated to do their work.

If this continues throughout high school, it may become more pronounced. It may become much more noticeable in young adulthood with increased difficulties in time management, organization, planning and prioritizing and task completion.

These concerns are actually called Executive Function Skills and EVERYBODY has them! 

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4 Simple Steps to Manage Your Time and Get Better Grades In School

Most students have not been taught the soft skills needed to be able to manage time efficiently.  As a Special Education teacher I have found specific time management strategies that work for my students with ADHD and Executive Function challenges, so they can be successful, get better grades and become confident, effective learners. 

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What You Need to Know to Stay Organized in School

Students in middle school and high school with ADHD and Executive Function Challenges usually struggle with organization and keeping track of assignments. I work with many students that don’t write down assignments, forget to do homework, lose worksheets and papers and their backpacks and notebooks are all over the place! Here are the BEST SMART SOLUTIONS to stay organized in school and crush those struggles with organization!!

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